Let your little angels enjoy the wonderful program we made exclusively for them.





From the 24th of December to the 3rd of  January

24th December

10:30 am: the gingerbread  house

25th  December

10:30  am : Santa’s little helpers parade. Have you been naughty or nice?

3.30 pm Kermesse:  Surprises and entertainment

26th December

14.30 pm: Make your own Moroccan traditional bread Workshop

27th  December

10.30 am:   Family friends race

11:00 am: Picasso workshop

28th  December

7.00 pm : Western party

29th December

11:00 am: Henna candle decoration

30th December

3.00 pm: Where is the fake  Santa Claus now ?

31st December

8.30 pm to midnight:  New Year Eve’s Celebrations theme “Thousand and One Nights”

1st January

11:00 am: Decorate your 2014 calender

2nd  January

4:00 pm: Fruit skewers workshop

3rd January

3.30 pm: Surprise activity

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